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Fatigue Healing:
Feeling overwhelmed, lethargic, stressed, unfocused, like you can’t get up and go everyday? Or that by the afternoon you have run out of steam?
Emotional Fatigue can really make life challenging especially when we all have busy lifestyles.
This can be combatted with a Fatigue Healing to ‘top up’ your energetic self. A range of energetic adjustments and alignments can be made to assist in managing these feelings. 
Heart Break Healing: 
There is not a human on this planet that has not felt ‘love’s keen sting’.
Are you feeling hurt, depressed, lonely or vulnerable? The Heart Break Healing is about showing gratitude for the lessons that we have been shown and accepting the courage to move forward.
We will perform a small ceremony to give thanks to our ‘guardian angels’ or ‘guides’ and show them and ourselves; that we have the courageousness to heal – and perhaps when the time is right – to love again! 
Fear Healing:
Fear is one of the most crippling emotions that we humans have to endure. Rejected, threatened, insecure, anxious. We have all experienced these emotions. We have all been scared. We have all felt frightened.
We have all said and done things that we perhaps regret. These crippling emotions all come from a place of fear.
The Fear Healing will assist you in developing peaceful, loving, creative bravery that will help you in regaining control in your life.
Hope Healing: 
Sometimes life can throw you some serious lessons that leave you feeling downhearted, or without the willingness to continue in life.
If you are feeling fragile, abandoned, isolated or vulnerable. All of these emotions are tests of your fortitude to move forward in your life and can all be overcome.
Let’s relight the spark inside you and with the Hope Healing, find what it truly is that you are searching for. Lets leave the hurt behind and begin your new enlightened lifestyle.
Forgiveness Healing:
Are you feeling frustrated, annoyed, provoked, disrespected, even violated? Perhaps you feel criticised, let down or even betrayed?
These emotions come from the same place in our energetic self. They are related of one and other and the energetic prescription is forgiveness.
In the Forgiveness Healing we will align your energetic body with your subconscious and together develop the courage and inner strength to forgive, starting with yourself. 
Letting Go Healing: 
Lots of people nowadays talk of ‘Letting Go’. That our emotional body just needs to ‘Let Go’ of the emotions that no longer serve us and then need to manifest and develop emotions that are more aligned to the growth of the healthy body, mind and spirit.
Well, this is partially true, but the thing that most forget – and this is the most important thing – is to do so with gratitude!
If you do not let go of these emotions in the vibration of gratitude, you will just find that they will return. They will come back and you will feeling like you are going in circles with your life lessons and experiences.
The Letting Go Healing is all about gratitude. I will align the energetic self with the vibration of gratitude so you can let go of the emotions and or life experiences, that are no longer serving your purpose – which is – to live a happy, healthy, loving life. 
Clarity Healing:
Developing an optimistic outlook on life is one of the most essential ingredients to living a happy life. One of the keys to unlocking an inspired lifestyle is to manage the clarity of thoughts.
The Clarity Healing is all about loosing the hesitation, judgement and embarrassment. You will learn to develop the skills to manage your emotions on a daily basis. I will assist you to clear your mind and connect to your heartlands. This is your sacred space. A space that you can visit to begin to rejuvenate your energetic self.
This Clarity Healing is all about discovering balance and aligning your energetic body with your physical body so you can find harmony within your own life.


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